Meaning of Bartlett pear in English:

Bartlett pear

Pronunciation /ˈbɑːtlɪt/


  • A dessert pear of a juicy early-ripening variety.

    ‘Jörg Rupf of St. Georges told me he uses 60 pounds of Bartlett pears to make just one bottle of Pear William (pear eau-de-vie).’
    • ‘You'll also find corn-bread croutons in your Caesar salad, and a helping of hickory-smoked barbecue ribs, served as a dainty appetizer, with relish made from Bartlett pears.’
    • ‘About 15 pounds of Bartlett pears go into every bottle of pear brandy.’
    • ‘In tests of California Bartlett pears, Neven is working with Elizabeth Mitcham of the University of California at Davis.’
    • ‘The platter also holds crackers slathered with a white-eggplant mash, lumpy and seasoned with basil, parsley, and herbs, as well as slices of Bartlett pear layered with pita triangles.’


From the name of Enoch Bartlett (1779–1860), a US merchant who first distributed the pear.