Meaning of basal metabolic rate in English:

basal metabolic rate



  • The rate at which the body uses energy while at rest to maintain vital functions such as breathing and keeping warm.

    ‘If rapid growth rates reflect the basal metabolic rates of sauropods, then these giant dinosaurs can no longer be regarded as ‘good reptiles.’’
    • ‘The forager expends 1 unit of energy per time period as a basal metabolic rate, independent of what it is doing.’
    • ‘For every 0.6 [degrees] C increase in core temperature, there is a 10 percent elevation in the basal metabolic rate.’
    • ‘Advancing age is also associated with a decrease in the basal metabolic rate, as well as changes in the senses of taste and smell.’
    • ‘All patients were advised on diet and exercise based on their personal basal metabolic rate.’
    • ‘The vitamin-D-deficient calves had increased basal metabolic rates and decreased blood calcium and phosphorus.’
    • ‘These small rodents have exceptionally low water loss rates due to a respiratory countercurrent heat exchanger, highly-concentrating kidneys, and a low basal metabolic rate.’
    • ‘In 1956, Hollender reported on 126 patients seen in his otolaryngology practice who had a low basal metabolic rate and were treated with levothyroxine.’
    • ‘One of the earliest such tests, the basal metabolic rate, was potentially one of the best, since it measured the effect of thyroid hormone in the body.’
    • ‘Earlier on, I spoke about the possibility of raising your basal metabolic rate, and there is a form of exercise that can help you accomplish this task.’
    • ‘A lot depends upon their size, their activities and their basal metabolic rate.’
    • ‘In general, estrogen leads to an increase in basal metabolic rate as well as increased ambulatory activity and decreased activity of lipoprotein lipase in laboratory animals.’
    • ‘The speed at which this happens is known as metabolic rate; basal metabolic rate is measured when the organism is at rest, and thus shows how efficiently it uses energy.’
    • ‘A positive genetic correlation between basal metabolic rate and maximal rate of oxygen consumption is a key assumption of the aerobic capacity model for the evolution of endothermy.’
    • ‘The basal metabolic rate is increased in a few species.’
    • ‘That afternoon, I visited the health-services division, where I had my basal metabolic rate charted.’
    • ‘In adult humans, an estimated 23% of daily basal metabolic rate relates to energy demands of the brain alone.’
    • ‘Physiologically, the body's basal metabolic rate slows down with age and is accompanied by a decrease in lean body tissue and an increase in fat.’
    • ‘It tests the body's lean muscle mass, total actual body weight, lean weight, hydration levels, basal metabolic rate, estimated calorie requirement, body mass index and the impedance of the current that travels through one's body.’
    • ‘Extremely low calorie diets and fasting often result in loss of lean muscle and a resultant decrease in basal metabolic rate, often resulting in health problems and difficulty in maintaining weight loss.’