Meaning of baseball in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbeɪsbɔːl/

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mass noun
  • 1A ball game played between two teams of nine on a diamond-shaped circuit of four bases. It is played chiefly as a warm-weather sport in the US and Canada.

    ‘a game of baseball’
    • ‘a baseball player’
    • ‘Yes, very pleased for Johnny Damon and all them - they're my favourite team in baseball now.’
    • ‘There were dire predictions of the demise of baseball as a major sport if a strike or lockout took place.’
    • ‘This innovation led to the transformation of the Cardinals from one of the worst teams in baseball to one of the best.’
    • ‘It is unbelievable to me that the highest-paid team in baseball would start the season in such a deep funk.’
    • ‘That, of course, is what they said in baseball and now the sport is a discredited shambles.’
    • ‘Until recently there was barely any testing of baseball players for steroids.’
    • ‘He became enamored with the game of baseball when he moved to Canada for his high school years.’
    • ‘He did say he just loved the game of baseball and wanted to be at the center of all the action.’
    • ‘They actually turn up at stadiums to cheer their baseball and football and ice hockey teams.’
    • ‘I had no idea of what was to come as we drove on home returning from my baseball game.’
    • ‘The concept is that correct baseball is a game of small details, and baseball is a game of details.’
    • ‘The XFL gave us teams we didn't need, while major league baseball plans to take away teams we want.’
    • ‘At school, Eisenhower proved to be a star athlete excelling in both baseball and American football.’
    • ‘I suppose that's the same appeal of watching baseball or golf or tennis live.’
    • ‘When he was at his peak, baseball and boxing were the only two truly national sports in America.’
    • ‘The highest level of baseball Wang ever played was on a Level B team for a record company years ago.’
    • ‘Not too bad for a guy who grew up in an area of our country not known for professional baseball.’
    • ‘This is one of the saddest things for me in baseball because I see a ton of talent there.’
    • ‘By the early twentieth century, baseball had become America's national sport.’
    • ‘So today we have to be a little bit more creative in getting these kids to play baseball.’
    1. 1.1count noun The hard ball used in baseball.
      ‘More than that, he loved throwing baseballs so hard that they popped into the glove and turned hands red.’
      • ‘He probably hit baseballs harder and further than anybody who played the game, especially from both sides of the plate.’
      • ‘We sold baseballs and made baseballs, and I was the batboy.’
      • ‘As players were getting bigger, ballparks and strike zones were getting smaller, bats and baseballs were getting harder and the quality of pitching was declining.’
      • ‘In so doing, the baseballs dropped out of his ball bag.’
      • ‘After the game, the kids were lined up along the rail from the dugout to shallow right field, with their scorecards and baseballs in hand, hoping for an autograph.’
      • ‘No batted ball has ever hit the center field scoreboard, but two baseballs narrowly missed it.’
      • ‘If you wanted to do better, the thing to do is to throw the baseballs harder.’
      • ‘If you enjoy watching pitchers throw baseballs from the mound toward the plate rather than folding chairs from the bullpen into the stands, then Tuesday was your kind of night.’
      • ‘He ordered seven dozen baseballs from Rawlings.’
      • ‘He continually bailed out at the plate, shifting his head and neck in an effort to bypass the blind spot that he encountered when he tried to view baseballs head-on.’
      • ‘When no one was in line, the owner of the hobby shop made sure Joe was busy, continually providing him with boxes of baseballs and photos to sign for subsequent sale.’
      • ‘He was taking the baseballs out of the umpire's bag.’
      • ‘Parker arrived early at the ballpark, and the first person out of the Arkansas clubhouse was Wilson, who was carrying a batting tee and a bag of baseballs.’
      • ‘Inside the engineering marvel that likely was never really suited for baseball, there were just two people on the field and a few buckets of baseballs.’
      • ‘But, we enjoyed his stories and we all got autographed baseballs.’
      • ‘They had seen Murray blister baseballs from the right side in previous years, so they flocked to Asheville to stop the experiment in its tracks.’
      • ‘He sat in the Mariners clubhouse not long ago, signing a few baseballs brought to him by coach John Moses.’
      • ‘He also sponsors a local youth league and supplies baseballs, bats and cleats.’
      • ‘That to me was a great moment, because you don't catch too many baseballs barehanded.’