Meaning of bashment in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaʃm(ə)nt/


  • 1West Indian A large party or dance.

    ‘Lord, reggae music is blasted at all hours of night at their ‘bashments’, disturbing all the other residents.’
    • ‘Tomorrow is my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary (yup, fiftieth, isn't that great?) so they are having a big bashment to celebrate it.’
    • ‘This will be the food on offer at the little bashment (get-together, I won't call it a party) that my classmates informed me will be taking place at my home.’
    • ‘I was at Lime Cay during the morning and early evening, so I can't speak to the G. G.'s bashment, but the Prime Minister's was in the night.’
    • ‘We're having a big bashment for the afterparty.’
    • ‘They're having a bashment (BIG, BIG party) October 20th, at Frenchman's Cove in Portland…’
    • ‘We're just back from Shoma's cousin's fiftieth birthday party, and what a bashment it was!’
    • ‘I almost completely forgot to invite all my visitors to the Birthday bashment that we are having at Dr. D's blog today.’
    • ‘Yes, in other words I have a lot of time to play around on the computer today and I guess its befitting the birthday bashment.’
    • ‘Now maybe I can persuade Natty to let us keep a little bashment at the yard!’
    • ‘For us Jamaicans, on the other hand, Christmas is the bashment time!’
    • ‘On more humble family news, my Aunt and her hubby had a nice little bashment for their 25th wedding anniversary last night.’
    • ‘Well, I must say that I had a good time last nite at Mrs. C's 97th Birthday bashment.’
    • ‘Last but not least Texas-T-Bone is having a 30th Birthday bashment tomorrow.’
    • ‘Apparently they are having a big Valentine's bashment at the hotel and the parking lot inside is well rammed up.’
    • ‘All that was missing was my braided hair/dreadlocks, otherwise it could have been a bashment session in the backstreets of Kingston.’
    social gathering, gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity, jamboree, reception, at-home, soirée, social
  • 2An uptempo style of popular music derived from dancehall and ragga.

    ‘Reggaeton is the Latin bashment / dancehall hybrid that's been tearing down South and Central America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Miami and Los Angeles since the mid 90s.’
    • ‘It's hip hop, grime, soul, ragga, bashment, and pop - in the real sense of the word: popular.’
    • ‘I can entertain a crowd regardless if it's R & B, hip hop, bashment.’
    • ‘But right now all I wanna do is grab this little garage scene, get it in a choke hold, then branch out, do a little bashment, but stay grimy you get me?’
    • ‘We really can do it all - grime, hip hop, rap, bashment, R & B.’
    • ‘Bouncier, bashier, yet too funky to be bashment.’
    • ‘I started off spitting on bashment riddims, then I turned to rap music two and bit years ago.’
    • ‘Projects include bashment collaborations with the likes of Mr Midas and the up and coming Knowledge, will add more to his already impressive arsenal of beats.’
    • ‘The last one I bought was 82 tracks long, a cavalcade of artists and riddims crashing headlong into each other and gathering speed, a musical mudslide of energetic bashment dance music.’
    • ‘He fell in with a bad crowd in the early 80s, but got back on his feet again after a spiritual experience on the 73 night bus, and now sells bashment and carnival CDs on the pavement in Dalston on Saturday afternoons.’
    • ‘We play the same bashment rhythm but with cultural lyrics.’
    • ‘Built around a Bashment rhythm, it's a cut which takes the two step blueprint deep into down and dirty funk territory.’