Meaning of basic pay in English:

basic pay


mass noun
  • A standard rate of pay before additional payments such as allowances and bonuses.

    ‘Even if they come sixth, however, they could receive one and a half times their salary on top of basic pay and a bonus equivalent to that salary.’
    • ‘The basic pay rates of staff in private prisons are comparable to publicly paid prison officers.’
    • ‘Current basic pay rates for drivers can be as low as £4.97 an hour - which will be below the new national minimum wage of £5.05 an hour due in October.’
    • ‘These directors can earn a further 40% of basic pay in bonuses.’
    • ‘This does not necessarily mean that basic pay rates are that much higher.’
    • ‘The union is seeking to increase basic pay to a minimum of £300 a week by October 2003.’
    • ‘Other issues to be addressed are enhancing safety, giving dignity back to the employees and overhauling the pay system by incorporating bonuses into basic pay.’
    • ‘Private sector workers receive only the flat rate bonus with no annual increments to their basic pay with the result that they end up at the bottom of the wage scale.’
    • ‘The funds group announced that several executive directors had agreed to a one-third cut in basic pay for 2002 as well as postponing receipt of deferred bonuses worth several million pounds.’
    • ‘Company bosses expect to receive average bonuses of 30% this year while ordinary workers expect an average bonus of just 8.9% of basic pay.’
    • ‘But it wants to do this by cutting basic pay and introducing a complicated bonus system that can be withheld at management's discretion.’
    • ‘Senior hospital doctors were officially awarded an increase on their basic pay of 8.5% rising to 15% over three years.’
    • ‘The miners' union executive voted 14 to 10 today to accept basic pay rises within the Government's 10 per cent guidelines.’
    • ‘The basic pay of a councillor would double from about 6000.’
    • ‘Some workers claim their basic pay and conditions worsened after a pay award which was imposed on union members under a binding arbitration agreement.’
    • ‘This meant that workers would get 4 ½ days' basic pay for the three-day week.’
    • ‘Some argue that they need the tips because their basic pay is so poor.’
    • ‘He said that many planners work in the evenings and at the weekend without any addition to their basic pay.’
    • ‘The bitter dispute which has put patients' lives at risk surrounds the basic pay allowance for radiographers to work on-call from 5pm to 9am and during the weekends.’
    • ‘This conference would start a national strike ballot to fight for basic pay of £30,000 a year.’