Meaning of basidium in English:


Pronunciation /bəˈsɪdɪəm/

nounplural noun basidia/bəˈsɪdɪə/

  • A microscopic club-shaped spore-bearing structure produced by certain fungi.

    ‘Under continuous light, the maturation starts but stops halfway: meiosis in the basidia is arrested at prophase I, the stipe elongates only slightly, and the pileus does not expand.’
    • ‘Most importantly, monokaryotic hyphae can produce basidia and spores that are indistinguishable from sexually produced spores, except that they are all the same mating type.’
    • ‘After a few more days of incubation, the ends of some mycelia may enlarge and form basidia within which nuclear fusion and meiosis may occur.’
    • ‘The teliospores borne in these telia germinate to produce a basidium, which in turn produces basidiospores.’
    • ‘These mated cells can grow in filamentous form with meiosis occurring at the terminal cell (basidium) of the hyphae.’


Mid 19th century modern Latin, from Greek basidion, diminutive of basis (see basis).