Meaning of bask in English:



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  • 1Lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure.

    ‘sprawled figures basking in the afternoon sun’
    ‘the seals came ashore to breed and to bask’
    • ‘I basked for a while in the warmth, breathing deeply as my stresses drifted away.’
    • ‘Geneva was not planning to do anything, just bask under the glory of the sun.’
    • ‘Finally, butterflies like some flat stones for basking or sunbathing to gather warmth for powering their wings.’
    • ‘Because the snakes bask, breed, and hibernate together, recognizing their relatives is a key advantage, especially for females’
    • ‘And by golly, all weekend long and for nearly the entirety of the coming week, we'll be basking underneath blue skies and 68-degree weather.’
    • ‘As such, you can customize a vacation that suits your needs - whether it's basking on the beach, sightseeing in an exotic place, or a family adventure to remember.’
    • ‘Reaching the South Atlantic coast, we head down the steep cliffs on foot to find a colony of elephant seals basking on the shore, a huge black male surrounded by a harem of smaller females, all in the process of moulting.’
    • ‘The lucky new resident, nicknamed Tama-chan, was given residency because he has been seen of late frolicking in and basking along a local river.’
    • ‘He's to be seen at low water basking on the reef when things are quiet and diving for fish just off the point when there are not too many swimmers around.’
    • ‘Some lucky people also come across leopards basking on the rocks early in the mornings.’
    • ‘Lions and panthers sauntered in their enclosures in search of a cool shade while elephants basked for most part of the day in little ponds.’
    • ‘The deep channel often had a strong current but we still persevered (maybe a little recklessly) and swam out to the sandbanks to join the seals who basked there.’
    • ‘Fans also basked under unbroken blue skies at the Fairyhouse racecourse.’
    • ‘It was in a 4ft tank with water, lighting and heating but there was no area where it could bask so it was forced to stay in the water all the time.’
    • ‘The rich marine life from the sea bed, including red and black coral, floats at times to the freshwater surface, fur seals bask on the narrow shorelines, while playful dolphins tease tourist vessels.’
    • ‘We could have said we were heading down to the pool, which would account for the sun in which we were about to bask, but our parents could call there and have us paged… or worse, drop in and check on us.’
    • ‘They are generally found in long grass, and in the summer they will bask to warm up their body.’
    • ‘For instance, some offshore islands are nesting sites for birds, and seals also bask on some of the inner islands and mainland coves.’
    • ‘On the exposed granite, topless bathers bask like lizards.’
    • ‘Little lizards bask at the side of the road (concrete holds heat well).’
    laze, lie, lounge, relax, sprawl, loll
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    1. 1.1bask inRevel in and make the most of (something pleasing)
      ‘he went on basking in the glory of his first book’
      • ‘He positively basks in this news, delighted at the thought.’
      • ‘This two-hour show offers a venue for jazz lovers to bask in the appreciation of the music.’
      • ‘Even as he basks in the glory of his school's achievement, he nurses a grudge.’
      • ‘It is an astonishing victory over the forces of government inertia, and she could not resist basking in her moment of glory.’
      • ‘Even now, basking in the glory of her success, we are living a tragedy.’
      • ‘One would have expected to see him basking in the glory of having achieved yet another first.’
      • ‘He basked in the reflected glory of being with the world's most photographed woman.’
      • ‘But some of those who were near the top of the class refused to bask in the glory and criticised the way the information was presented.’
      • ‘The trade unions and employers will bask in the reflected glory of his sound stewardship.’
      • ‘Your winter blues will be banished as you bask in this triumphantly uplifting anthem.’
      • ‘I was basking in the warm glow of appreciation when I realised my thumb was starting to throb.’
      • ‘As a gratifyingly sheepish look passed over my hairdresser's face, I basked in my brief moment of triumph.’
      • ‘We'll go through all the royal treatment, see shows, and bask luxuriously in glorious relaxation.’
      • ‘And a small piece of my exhausted spirit basks yet in the warm birthday greetings I received on this site, via e-mail and in person.’
      • ‘All basked for precious moments in the attention and adulation.’
      • ‘But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't bask for a moment or two in the glow emanating from the accomplishments of the 14 to 18-year olds.’
      • ‘Buy a new car, and bask reassuringly in the knowledge that it is covered for a decade or 100,000 miles on all major mechanical components, plus the promise of roadside help over the next five years.’
      • ‘They provide the ambience in which the trendy newcomers bask.’
      • ‘It suited her to be behind the scenes, where she could be a part of the artistic excitement but bask happily out of the spotlight.’
      • ‘Certainly all this is about the intrusion of modern fuss upon a place content to bask picturesquely in rural timelessness.’
      revel, luxuriate, wallow, delight, take pleasure, rejoice, glory, indulge oneself
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Late Middle English (originally in the sense ‘bathe’): perhaps related to Old Norse batha ‘bathe’.