Meaning of basket hilt in English:

basket hilt


  • A sword hilt with a guard resembling basketwork.

    ‘His focus fell fully on the armed man carelessly waving his sword around-a thin blade with a gaudy basket hilt.’
    • ‘Swept-hilts, ring-hilts, cage-hilts, and some basket hilts are forms of complex-guard.’
    • ‘At about this time the full basket hilt was understandably made to be taken off the blade to allow the fitting of the cruciform hilt, for which the nut on top of the pommel may be noted.’
    • ‘I'm aware that different fighters like to attach their basket hilts different ways, so I offer two styles of this hilt.’
    • ‘The styles of swords developed throughout the Middle Ages to create a wide variety of sweeping hilts, cross hilts, and basket hilts.’