Meaning of basset in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbasɪt/


(also basset hound)
  • A sturdy hunting dog of a breed with a long body, short legs, and long drooping ears.

    ‘In my experience, the basset and Rottweilers are great apartment dogs.’
    • ‘He stroked the short, bristled fur of his basset hound.’
    • ‘The girl, who had been drawing her hands down her face in worry, stopped mid-action causing her eyes to droop like those of a basset hound.’
    • ‘We had all sorts of dogs from terriers to spaniels and even a French basset hound.’
    • ‘They entered the living room, where she instantly spotted her basset hound laying on the patched, brown couch, and watching TV with his head on his paws.’
    • ‘He was a rather thin and sickly looking middle-aged man, with a long nose, and that seemingly perpetual look of sadness, much resembling a basset hound's.’
    • ‘Certain images repeat in many of your movies: flocks of birds, biblical quotes, your pet basset hound.’
    • ‘She groaned inwardly as the basset hound heaved a sigh.’
    • ‘Also, he's beginning to resemble a basset hound.’
    • ‘The basset hound jumped out of the car and wagged his tail as soon as the door opened, and he trotted happily up to the front door of the house.’
    • ‘Yet, at 23 kilos, it weighs no more than a small basset hound.’
    • ‘The mother told me the directions to the place I needed to be in and with the help of my basset hound I managed to make it though.’
    • ‘I know, because all my basset hound wants to do is lie on the cool tile floor and chomp on the occasional ice cube.’
    • ‘It occurred during a stay at a small hotel with our basset hound.’
    • ‘Outside her only friend is a basset hound.’
    • ‘He is both endearing and funny with his basset hound face and jaded accent.’
    • ‘My Pet Dog was a droopy old basset hound with folds of brown and white fur draped over his snout.’
    • ‘And when her 12-year-old basset hound died - one of her most faithful companions - I could feel her pain; I cried with her.’
    • ‘A family are delighted to be reunited with their black and white basset hound who ran away from her home on Wednesday, March 17.’
    • ‘Turnip, his basset hound puppy, was pacing around dejectedly with him.’


Early 17th century from French, diminutive of bas ‘low’, from medieval Latin bassus ‘short’.