Meaning of bat around in English:

bat around

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phrasal verb

(also British bat about)
  • 1bat something around, bat around somethingDiscuss an idea or proposal casually or idly.

    • ‘we bat around a wide variety of issues’
    • ‘ideas for another movie are being batted about’
  • 2mainly North American Travel widely, frequently, or casually.

    • ‘I'm always batting around between England and America’
    • ‘Obviously, as we have kind of batted around endlessly, they're looking for evidence in that truck.’
    • ‘He was an English immigrant who batted around the United States in a random fashion until in 1876 he sold the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad on the idea of opening clean and wholesome restaurants at their rail depots.’
    • ‘Why couldn't I get a van and bat around the country doing whatever it is I do?’
    • ‘Clean clothes and other junk will then be stowed at main station and that'll leave me time to bat around town until 1710 when the train to Stockholm departs.’
    resolve, settle, sort out, straighten out, iron out, reconcile, disentangle, clarify, clear up, talk through, confer about, debate, exchange views about, exchange views on, chew over, air, ventilate, argue out, argue the pros and cons of