Meaning of batholith in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaθəlɪθ/


  • A very large igneous intrusion extending to an unknown depth in the earth's crust.

    ‘Below the transparent batholith, the crust is very reflective to depths of c.20 km.’
    • ‘The lower crust beneath the Dzhabyk batholith is only weakly reflective and the Moho is not imaged.’
    • ‘The batholith extends into the west Kimberley, and is more than 750 km long and about 60-70 km wide.’
    • ‘The magmas that formed the batholith were generated in response to the subduction of the Farallon plate beneath the North American plate.’
    • ‘The currently accepted name for this part of the craton is the Murehwa batholith.’


Early 20th century coined in German from Greek bathos ‘depth’ + -lith.