Meaning of bathroom break in English:

bathroom break


  • A break in a meeting or other organized gathering to allow those in attendance to go to the toilet.

    • ‘The guards will even break routine occasionally for bathroom breaks.’
    • ‘I try not to think about needing a bathroom break.’
    • ‘Sometimes the cockpit crew dings the flight attendants to request coffee, water, food or a bathroom break.’
    • ‘I have been known to practice 8-12 hours straight, leaving the table only for bathroom breaks.’
    • ‘With a colleague, you could excuse yourself for a bathroom break or to make an important phone call.’
    • ‘His sessions evoked boot camp - no bathroom breaks, trainers screaming in your face.’
    • ‘A juror on a lunch or bathroom break can find out many details about a case.’
    • ‘A short bathroom break was just coming to an end.’
    • ‘The incessant bathroom breaks ruin the flow of the adventure.’
    • ‘Every bathroom break we get, he goes straight to the cafeteria to grab a sandwich or something.’
    • ‘Seriously, this is not the time to take your bathroom break.’
    • ‘He recently did 3,000 bows in one night, without a snack or a bathroom break.’
    • ‘At 115 minutes, it drags on well beyond the ability of most children to focus or wait for a bathroom break.’
    • ‘Perhaps unintentionally these narrative jumps simulate the jarring experience of a mid-movie bathroom break.’
    • ‘Bathroom breaks were only allowed at fuel stops.’
    • ‘The pets are also given pre-boarding walks and bathroom breaks.’
    • ‘You are told when you may get up, drink water and take bathroom breaks.’
    • ‘Once a race starts, though, there are no bathroom breaks.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the bosses still control women workers by such means as limiting bathroom breaks.’
    • ‘And anyone who leaves the room for anything but a bathroom break will not be allowed back in.’