Meaning of bathymetric in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbaθɪˈmɛtrɪk/


See bathymetry

‘In 2000, he completed a 40-year bathymetric compilation and topographic interpretation of the greater Indian Ocean, from the northernmost shores to Antarctica.’
  • ‘High-resolution bathymetric data and side-scan sonar surveys of pockmarks, depressions up to 300 m long, were obtained by using an autonomous underwater vehicle.’
  • ‘Bowers has participated in nine geophysical research cruises on which she has collected and processed a variety of information, including magnetic, seismic, bathymetric, and gravity data.’
  • ‘Bathymetry is an arc coverage of prominent bathymetric contours in the Gulf basin water area.’
  • ‘The geomorphological and sedimentological evolution of the system is reconstructed for the last 150 years, on the basis of detailed analysis of historical bathymetric charts.’