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battle group

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  • A military force created to fight together, typically consisting of several different types of troops.

    ‘Missiles, even equipped with nuclear warheads, offer large carrier battlegroups considerable military capability, but large surface vessels also offer tempting targets to enemy nuclear missiles.’
    • ‘The taskforce will include a battlegroup from the 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment, supported by eight Apache attack helicopters, which will be deployed for the first time.’
    • ‘However, FCR will continue to be the primary means of exercising command within brigades, battlegroups and sub units.’
    • ‘The linchpin of the deployment is Exercise Rapid Alliance, involving two American carrier battlegroups and a US Marine Corps task force, staging mock invasions.’
    • ‘In the opinion of the Commanding Officer of the Black Watch, Maj Watkins' actions undoubtedly saved the lives of a number of soldiers in the battlegroup.’
    • ‘He said the UK battlegroup was needed to replace the US force because they were ‘an armoured battlegroup of equivalent capability’.’
    • ‘This collection of major warships was not directly charged with protecting the convoy - instead, they were waiting for a sniff of the German battlegroup based on the battleship Tirpitz.’
    • ‘The order for retreat of the badly planned invasion was called and the battlegroup's admiral, Kenneth Alcolado, was forced to resign in disgrace.’
    • ‘However there were no presidential announcements, no talk of bombing campaigns or of sending carrier battlegroups or even a major diplomatic offensive.’
    • ‘They'd been in the same battlegroup through several campaigns.’
    • ‘Many of the understaffed vessels were scrapped to make new warships, with some of the staff reassigned to other battlegroups.’
    • ‘It wasn't a fun thought, but the battlegroup needed its eyes in position to warn of enemy reinforcements and so, four hours after Prince of Wales left for battle, Reliant accelerated to FTL.’
    • ‘You're good, but you didn't kill off thirty battlegroups.’
    • ‘Gen. Hagglund said the battlegroups could allow the EU 'to take on more and be able to sustain itself'.’
    • ‘It would be akin to stating, ‘Between them the United States and Mexico have 12 aircraft carrier battlegroups.’’
    • ‘Carrier battlegroups had long been vulnerable to submarines, but the Catharsis specialized in destroying other submarines.’
    • ‘The battlegroup experienced three suicide bomb attacks, over 25 very large roadside bombs and numerous daily indirect fire attacks.’
    • ‘The battlegroup, though small, was impressive.’
    • ‘The mood among the troops in Dogwood is said to be sombre following the deaths of the colleagues, but members of the battlegroup are going about their duties with determination.’
    • ‘Once he learned of the disaster that had struck his carriers, Admiral Yamamoto, still hundreds of miles to the west with the main battlegroup, reversed course.’