Meaning of battleship grey in English:

battleship grey

Pronunciation /ˌbat(ə)lʃɪp ˈɡreɪ/


mass noun
  • A dull bluish grey colour as used for warships.

    ‘RMS Lancastria was commandeered for war and her sleek Cunard lines were lost under a coat of battleship grey’
    • ‘Rockets of early manufacture are painted battleship gray or dark green; later rockets are olive drab.’
    • ‘I could be mistaken, but wasn't the nickname 'The Gray Ghost' given to the Queen Mary after she was painted battleship gray and pressed into service as an Allied troop transport ship during WWII?’
    • ‘There were three battleship-gray, four-drawer filing cabinets jammed into the space.’
    • ‘Enter via a red doorway and step into the battleship grey dining room with a twinkling view of the carpark opposite.’
    • ‘The headstocks with their winding wheels at the former colliery have been blasted clean and repainted battleship grey as part of a £1.5 million revamp.’
    • ‘Camus's inscrutable anti-hero reached me, as a greedily omnivorous teenage reader, via the battleship grey of a Penguin Modern Classics paperback bought in WH Smith.’
    • ‘The stately battleship grey limousine from the golden age of motoring was delivered new on 24 February 1930 to Lord Louis Mountbatten who was at the time a Naval officer’
    • ‘The sky was battleship grey but no rain was falling.’