Meaning of bawbee in English:



  • 1Scottish A coin of low value.

    ‘In any given year only some contracts are up for renewal come the end of May, and a minority of players may resist moving on to an incentive-based pay plan while colleagues continue to earn their bawbees just for showing face.’
    • ‘I supported the party loyally for 35 years, often representing it in elections and, even more often, giving it my bawbees, both at local and national level.’
    • ‘It believes the bawbees can be put to better use.’
    • ‘Gaolers were amateurs and for a few bawbees you could escape.’
    • ‘In trying to squeeze every last bawbee out of the situation he has created, Scott is behaving exactly as he did when he ran the club.’
    1. 1.1A former silver coin worth three (later six) Scottish pennies.
      ‘I'll wager a silver bawbee that my horse can outrun yours to the MacBaron borders.’
      • ‘So, beating down Bell from his upset price of fourpence to six bawbees, I pushed the treasure carelessly in my pocket, and never stopped till I was in a lonely place by Tyne-side and secure from observation.’



/bɔːˈbiː/ /ˈbɔːbi/


Mid 16th century from the name of the laird of Sillebawby, mint master under James V.