Meaning of bay rum in English:

bay rum

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mass noun
  • A perfume, chiefly for the hair, distilled originally from rum and bayberry leaves.

    ‘For instance, as a way of warding off grey hair, our anonymous beautician suggests a tonic of 1oz of castor oil, tincture of jaborandi (an American shrub) and 3oz of bay rum, applied every other night.’
    • ‘The cornstarch absorbs perspiration, the baking soda neutralizes stank, and the clove oil and bay rum oil smell good.’
    • ‘The woman carries a red flannel bandage and a bottle of bay rum, which was used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.’
    • ‘I ran outside, grabbed him to see if there were any injuries and when I saw there were none, I just soaked him down with bay rum.’