Meaning of bay whaler in English:

bay whaler


  • 1Australian, New Zealand historical A person who hunted whales from a station on the shore.

    ‘the harbours of southwestern Australia were being used by sealers and bay whalers’
    • ‘The bay whaler waited for the whales to come to them.’
    • ‘Shore and bay whalers operated differently from the midocean hunters of Nantucket.’
    • ‘The bay whalers concentrated first on what is now the South Australian coast.’
    • ‘This was the first permanent European settlement in the South Island of New Zealand, and its bay whalers were some of the founding fathers of the country.’
    • ‘He was a bay–whaler, ship–owner and self–appointed builder and lay reader.’
    1. 1.1A boat used for hunting whales from a station on the shore.
      ‘it had been outfitted as a bay whaler before being wrecked in 1837’
      • ‘She was purchased about 1814 by to sail out of Hobart Town as a bay whaler and sealer under the command of the colourful and redoubtable Captain James Kelly.’
      • ‘Not for her the short season of the bay-whaler that worked close to shore.’
      • ‘Should one of their ships be only partially successful, she could fill up with the oil secured during her absence by the bay whaler.’
      • ‘Life on a bay whaler was cramped and uncomfortable.’
      • ‘The ship was the first of the American vessels to operate as a bay whaler in the South Island.’