Meaning of bay whaling in English:

bay whaling


mass noun historical Australian, New Zealand
  • The practice or industry of hunting whales from a station on the shore.

    ‘they were involved in bay whaling around the southern coasts’
    • ‘By the early 1850s the promise of gold had lured sailors away from whaling; bay whaling ceased in 1851.’
    • ‘Previously he had been engaged in bay whaling in New Zealand and was commander of the Caroline in the early 1830s.’
    • ‘The next two months of bay whaling brought 800 additional barrels of black oil.’
    • ‘American ships typically went “bay-whaling” along the southwestern australian coastline.’
    • ‘Bay whaling stations quickly spread to other suitable coastal indentations.’
    • ‘He told his family of the days of bay whaling, when once they harpooned a calf and the furious mother split the boat in half.’