Meaning of bazoo in English:


Pronunciation /bəˈzuː/

nounplural noun bazoos

informal US
  • 1A person's mouth.

    • ‘he couldn't keep his big bazoo shut’
    • ‘I am Senator Henry Ashurst of Arizona, and I am opposed to office holders who go to and return from Europe shooting off their bazoos about how Europe should be run.’
    • ‘When you have nothing sensible or helpful to say, keep your bazoos shut!’
  • 2A person's bottom.

    • ‘I called today to change my package - they gave me free stuff out the bazoo the first month and I wanted to get some stuff removed.’
    • ‘You'll see patents out the bazoo, better-backed startups, higher-volume production, and better competition.’
    backside, bottom, behind, seat, rump, rear, rear end, cheeks, hindquarters, haunches


Late 19th century of unknown origin; compare with Dutch bazuin ‘trombone, trumpet’.