Meaning of be- in English:


Pronunciation /bi/


  • 1(forming verbs) all over; all round.

    • ‘bespatter’
    1. 1.1(forming verbs) thoroughly; excessively.
      • ‘bewilder’
  • 2(added to intransitive verbs) expressing transitive action.

    • ‘bemoan’
  • 3(added to adjectives and nouns) expressing transitive action.

    • ‘befriend’
  • 4(added to nouns) affect with.

    • ‘befog’
    1. 4.1(added to adjectives) cause to be.
      • ‘befoul’
  • 5(forming adjectives ending in -ed) having; covered with.

    • ‘bejewelled’


Old English, weak form of bī ‘by’.