Meaning of be all eyes in English:

be all eyes


  • Be watching eagerly and attentively.

    ‘Trotting alongside her mother as a youngster whenever she was at her mother's office, Aleksandra was all eyes for the designs, colours and materials.’
    • ‘There were also many other performance and visual artists as well as film and video, I was all eyes and ears.’
    • ‘‘This time we even noticed Philip who looked like he'd just come out of a bath… before we must have been all eyes for the Queen‘. he wrote.’’
    • ‘Emily suddenly noticed that all the men doing construction were all eyes on the scene.’
    • ‘I was all eyes and ears to know what was going on and sat on a log at the side of the house while Rasmason told Hedge he wanted to trade the gelding he was driving for the black mare he had seen Hedge driving the day before.’
    • ‘O'Neill was going for back to back wins but it was all eyes on lane 6 Misty Hymen the American lead the whole way and the Aussie girls couldn't catch her.’