Meaning of be all thumbs in English:

be all thumbs


  • Be clumsy or awkward in one's actions.

    ‘I'm all thumbs when it comes to making bows’
    • ‘I am not just all thumbs, more all toes.’
    • ‘You are all thumbs in the kitchen.’
    • ‘"He's all thumbs, Amelia."’
    • ‘"When she is working in the house, she is all thumbs."’
    • ‘I've been all thumbs and screw up everything I touch.’
    • ‘If you are all thumbs when it comes to your hair ask a talented friend or your favorite stylist to help you achieve this style.’
    • ‘I'm trying to get a PDF of the letter up as well, but I'm all thumbs with this pesky technology, so bear with me.’
    • ‘I'm all thumbs when it comes to any kind of decorating, even presents.’
    • ‘His bumbling, childlike Mr Bean was all thumbs and two left feet, and the fact that he rarely spoke meant his vaudevillian humour travelled well.’
    • ‘"I'm all thumbs when it comes to loading the reels."’
    clumsy, awkward, maladroit, inept, bungling, bumbling, incompetent, unskilful, heavy-handed, ungainly, inelegant, inexpert, graceless, ungraceful, gauche, unhandy, uncoordinated, gawky, cloddish, clodhopping