Meaning of be at pains to do something in English:

be at pains to do something


  • Take great care or trouble to do something.

    ‘he is at pains to point out that he isn't like that’
    • ‘You'll only get kicked and beaten and trampled on for your pains.’
    • ‘Hal displays a couple of good trout, but the competitive youngsters Martin and Jim have nothing to show for their pains.’
    • ‘Examiners of my essays constantly warn me about the perils of this ‘Post-Doctoral Thesis’ tendency, and I often incur mediocre marks for my pains.’
    • ‘The elder Vidyarthi had gone to jail for his pains, and his son had continued in the family tradition, as a courageous anti-establishment publisher.’
    • ‘He was recalled to London and disciplined for his pains.’
    • ‘He was rewarded for his pains by more jeering, whooping and the sound of broken glass.’
    • ‘I did all I could to hold him in, and he hated me for my pains.’
    • ‘You referred to Thoreau a moment ago - it's interesting about Thoreau's association of civil disobedience or dissent in refusing to pay taxes, ending up in jail for a night for his pains.’
    • ‘He shoved through people and was cursed at for his pains.’
    • ‘Beno moved forward, and received an elbow to the chest for his pains.’