Meaning of be bumping along the bottom in English:

be bumping along the bottom


  • Reach the lowest point in performance or ranking without improving or deteriorating further.

    ‘the economy was still bumping along the bottom’
    • ‘By contrast, the previous low in 1999 was reached while the price of oil was bumping along the bottom.’
    • ‘If you compare us to other schools in the Doncaster area we have gone from bumping along the bottom to now being in mid-table in Doncaster, yet we were placed into special measures.’
    • ‘With the US economy having been at best bumping along the bottom and media companies suffering from a drastic reduction in advertising revenue, American media moguls have more immediate issues on their mind than bids in Britain.’
    • ‘In terms of celebrity, Amanda and Les have been bumping along the bottom on a low-grade notoriety.’
    • ‘Musically, however, she has bumping along the bottom for years, relying on her eye for the zeitgeist to boost interest.’
    • ‘If we have had a number of quarters of bumping along the bottom, then it is hardly surprising that growth can now be perceived.’
    • ‘The best you can say is that the manufacturing sector is bumping along the bottom.’
    • ‘The European economy will be bumping along the bottom for quite some time before it recovers later next year.’
    • ‘With the economy believed to be bumping along the bottom, such companies might well be a good way of investing in an economic recovery.’
    • ‘Could it be that the recent sale by Daimler of its MTU aviation engine building business is simply a clearing of the decks in preparation for worse to come from the US, where Chrysler car sales are bumping along the bottom?’