Meaning of be climbing the walls in English:

be climbing the walls


  • Feel frustrated, helpless, and trapped.

    • ‘his job soon had him climbing the walls’
    • ‘It had been a mess and I was climbing the walls and was a little bit bitter.’
    • ‘These are very vulnerable children, they are not climbing the walls or anything like that, but they do need a lot of support.’
    • ‘‘It was a wrench leaving Gilbert at first but I was climbing the walls at home, I was anxious to come back to work,’ said Deirdre.’
    • ‘‘If you didn't have humour you would be climbing the walls,’ he says.’
    • ‘Or maybe your job just makes you feel like climbing the walls.’
    • ‘Kaezik's practically been climbing the walls since the test.’
    • ‘That's a whole lot better than the two weeks I spent at my parents' house, unable to drive and climbing the walls.’
    • ‘I picture myself losing control, freaking out, climbing the walls, but of course I never do.’
    • ‘I sulked for weeks, depressed in my dark room, practically climbing the walls.’
    • ‘I was bored so it made sense that Stevie was climbing the walls, even though he'd had a lot longer to get used to being without school or people.’