Meaning of be expecting in English:

be expecting


(also be expecting a baby)
  • Be pregnant.

    • ‘his wife was expecting again’
    • ‘It is understood that the woman was told during her pregnancy that she was expecting twins.’
    • ‘I'm trying to get back into jogging but my wife Emma is expecting a baby in August - so I expect to be rather more occupied with that.’
    • ‘He praised the young couple for their serious commitment, counselled them through a miscarriage and, at their wedding one year later, joyfully announced during the ceremony that they were expecting a baby.’
    • ‘The media-shy couple, who were fiercely tight-lipped about their year-long romance, broke the news they were expecting a baby shortly before they wed.’
    • ‘The couple announced they were expecting a baby in November last year, when Louise was four months pregnant.’
    • ‘The pair said they were overjoyed when they announced they were expecting their first baby earlier this month.’
    • ‘A couple got a little more than they bargained for when they found they were expecting triplets’
    • ‘We also had our own private joy as we had just learned that we were expecting our fifth child, Kian.’
    • ‘It is even more distressing when we are expecting our third child soon.’
    • ‘The couple recently married, and are expecting their first baby soon.’
    pregnant, expecting a baby, having a baby, having a child, carrying a child