Meaning of be for it in English:

be for it


informal British
  • Be in imminent danger of punishment or other trouble.

    • ‘We knew it would hurt; we knew we were for it in a big way.’
    • ‘God will get you in the end, the devil will not be able to save you from his fury, and then you will be for it.’
    • ‘If you're not careful you'll have the matron in here and if she sees the state of this skirt I'm working on I'll be for it.’
    • ‘‘If Sheila finds out I'll be for it,’ said Jim looking worried.’
    • ‘Cook will be worried sick and Mrs Benson might very well have noticed my absence by now and I'll be for it when I get back.’
    be punished, be blamed, take the blame, pay, suffer, suffer the consequences, pay the price