Meaning of be hanging over someone's head in English:

be hanging over someone's head


  • (of something unpleasant) threaten to affect someone at any moment.

    ‘uncertainty about the group's future was hanging over their heads’
    • ‘They wanted to provide a better world for everyone that was over there, and they certainly don't deserve a fate that is hanging over their head.’
    • ‘Add to this year's mix the fact that I'm supposed to complete a novel this month, my favorite boss is running for a position in a different court, this school program that is hanging over my head and you have a recipe for a nervous breakdown.’
    • ‘This is the noise I am making as I finish, print out and collate a pack of 7 essays that have been hanging over my head for ages and ages, ready to hand in as the last act before the holidays.’
    • ‘The thing has been hanging over my head since the summer, and I wanted to finish it before Christmas.’
    • ‘A client's computer problem has been hanging over my head for a few weeks now, and this morning it was finally sorted out.’
    • ‘The incident, he said, had been hanging over his head for a substantial period of time, and had taken ‘a considerable toll of his mental and financial well-being’.’
    • ‘All the while the citizenship issue was hanging over my head.’
    • ‘The idea of the engagement party was hanging over my head like a dark cloud and I wondered whether there was any way to get out of it.’
    • ‘The press were on his case, and a court case for alleged assault was hanging over his head (he was cleared later in the year).’
    • ‘This has been hanging over my head since I started here.’