Meaning of be hard put in English:

be hard put


(also British be hard put to it)
  • usually with infinitive Find it very difficult.

    ‘you'll be hard put to find a better compromise’
    • ‘Angry Christmas shoppers were hard put to find a space to park and ended up using every nook and cranny in the town centre to park their cars.’
    • ‘Children from a number of schools turned up in large numbers, and the volunteers were hard put to regulate the enthusiastic visitors.’
    • ‘In the second world war, the shortage of paper meant that publishers were hard put to stay in business.’
    • ‘You'd be hard put to it to find more friendly and welcoming people anywhere.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I would be hard put to find anyone else equal to his incredible ability.’’
    • ‘But one would be hard put to find a single article on poverty or unemployment in mainstream Indian newspapers in the past decade or more.’
    • ‘You would, it's true, be hard put to find a half-decent politician who didn't think himself or herself the answer to the country's problems.’
    • ‘I think anyone, including myself, would be hard put to predict or even find a pattern.’
    • ‘If he means to stand, he would be hard put to find enough MPs to sign his card.’
    • ‘Adam was hard put to gain control of his horse and regroup the cattle before they scattered again.’