Meaning of be hearing things in English:

be hearing things


  • Imagine that one can hear something that is not in fact there.

    ‘I asked her to repeat herself to make sure I wasn't hearing things’
    • ‘She is hearing things, imagining them, she knows she is.’
    • ‘I was going to tell her she was hearing things and to go back to sleep when I heard the sound of breaking furniture below.’
    • ‘Approaching the bridge, we thought we were seeing things!’
    • ‘At first I thought I was hearing things or maybe it was crows or seagulls.’
    • ‘Mark shook his head once again, as if he were seeing things.’
    • ‘I stared at her and wondered if I was seeing things.’
    • ‘I convinced myself that I was seeing things and kept walking.’
    • ‘He blinked and then refocused, convinced he was seeing things.’
    • ‘At first Melissa had always said Leah was seeing things, now she knew Leah was telling the truth.’
    • ‘She thought she was seeing things until another bolt of lightening lit up the room.’