Meaning of be in debit in English:

be in debit


  • (of an account) show a net balance of money owed to others.

    ‘the account is only 120 francs in debit’
    • ‘If the customer's account is in debit, the increase of the amount of the overdraft by the interest charged does not, in reality, discharge a liability.’
    • ‘Alnor's account, on the other hand, was in debit to the extent of about US $2.8 million and the combined margin account was in debit even after taking into account Profilati's credit position.’
    • ‘I explained that if I don't have enough money in the account, then I can't get the money out, how can it possibly be in debit?’
    • ‘When the payment was posted to the accounts of Dunnes Stores Ireland it was in debit, as there was no corresponding asset.’
    • ‘At best, the customer owes the bank a duty of care; but this duty is in existence regardless of whether the account is in credit or in debit.’
    • ‘Imagine my shock when I went to check my balance to find it nearly $60 in debit!’
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