Meaning of be in the doghouse in English:

be in the doghouse


  • Be in disgrace or disfavour.

    • ‘his country is in the doghouse’
    • ‘‘I think you're still in the doghouse, dude,’ Alvin said.’
    • ‘When I was their age and I got in trouble with my mom and dad, I knew I was in big big trouble if they called me by the full name - I was in the doghouse.’
    • ‘So, justly or not, I'm in the doghouse, as my eight-year-old daughter, in particular, regrets missing the ceremony.’
    • ‘Among them is Katie, an alpha girl with an X-rated vocabulary who is constantly in the doghouse for acting up.’
    • ‘The wife thought I'd done it on purpose, so I was in the doghouse for a while.’
    • ‘After arriving at her U.S. coach's initial camp 15 pounds overweight and lacking quickness, Scurry immediately found herself in the doghouse.’
    • ‘Rome is already in the doghouse for breaching the deficit limits three of the past five years and is unlikely to mend its spending habits in the foreseeable future.’
    • ‘I admitted that I did this, and now I am in the doghouse.’
    • ‘He remembered a lot of times when his dad would stay at the station because he was in the doghouse with his mom.’
    • ‘After almost 15 years in the economic doghouse, Japan shows real signs of emerging from its long deflationary slump.’