Meaning of be in the majority in English:

be in the majority


  • Belong to or constitute the larger group or number.

    ‘publishing houses where women are in the majority’
    • ‘You know as youths, we do not like being in the majority and yet dominated by those in the minority.’
    • ‘This is more a function of the corrupting affect of being in the majority, I think, than of which ideology is dominant.’
    • ‘Students I interviewed who attended southern schools said that right-of-center kids were in the majority and set the tone.’
    • ‘If the Democrats were in the majority, they'd find the Republicans holding up nominations to the courts to be anathema.’
    • ‘Female victims were in the majority, and statistics showed physical abuse accounted for about 80 per cent of all cases.’
    • ‘You sought to exercise forceful ‘mob rule’ when you were in the majority, but now a different mob is in charge.’
    • ‘In south inner-city Manchester they were in the majority.’
    • ‘In the beginning it was Irish emigrants suffering from homelessness or social exclusion that were in the majority in the centre.’
    • ‘If they were in the majority with no need to secede, what would they do?’
    • ‘First, when the Democrats were in the majority, the two parties roughly split the money.’
    be in the majority, preponderate, be predominant, be greater in amount, be greater in number, be greatest in amount, be greatest in number, be prevalent, prevail, dominate, reign, be the order of the day