Meaning of be joined at the hip in English:

be joined at the hip


  • (of two people) be inseparable.

    • ‘Referring to their relationship at DubbelJoint, Ms Jones said that ‘someone described Marie and I as joined at the hip creatively’.’
    • ‘Kathleen added: ‘They had a very emotional reunion and have been joined at the hip ever since.’’
    • ‘The Germans and French aren't joined at the hip forever.’
    • ‘However much politics and pop culture have gone together in the past, and that's debatable, they've never been joined at the hip.’
    • ‘Louise and Pamela were the best of friends and joined at the hip.’
    • ‘This symbiotic working relationship ensures that the couple are neither separated for days at a time nor joined at the hip.’
    • ‘Yet ever since the election was called, the first and second lords of the Treasury have been joined at the hip.’
    • ‘It makes one wonder whether the aforementioned Major and Graveney were once joined at the hip.’
    • ‘We are joined at the hip in this business, and one guy can't wave a magic wand.’
    • ‘People rely so much on these accursed contraptions, they have become joined at the hip.’