Meaning of be living proof in English:

be living proof


(also be the living proof)
  • Show by one's existence and qualities that something is the case.

    ‘she is living proof that hard work need not be ageing’
    • ‘No, hold on a second - I was living proof that that wasn't true.’
    • ‘She is living proof that for many, owning and operating a gallery is something that becomes a part of you that is difficult to leave behind.’
    • ‘Melissa is living proof that even though exercise has many positive benefits, too much can be harmful.’
    • ‘Greg is living proof that there are bigger better things possible in this world, at least in terms of money.’
    • ‘This is living proof that under certain circumstances differences in life don't have to create friction.’
    • ‘They said they were living proof that he did and would.’
    • ‘Women who attended the group many years ago were there to show that they were living proof of the value of the Women Awake initiative.’
    • ‘It was the living proof of the old adage that man does not live by bread alone.’
    • ‘I think that seeing my parents change their lives in such a fundamental way was living proof that change is always possible.’
    • ‘Not only that, she was living proof that athletes could be competitive on the world stage and be free of performance-enhancing drugs.’