Meaning of be lost on in English:

be lost on


  • Fail to be noticed or appreciated by (someone)

    ‘the significance of his remarks was not lost on Scott’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the gag was lost on almost everyone she interviewed.’
    • ‘Now the art of gambling is lost on most, and I don't claim to be an expert, but there are three common strategies that people will use, with varying success.’
    • ‘The logic that it was important for the two countries to stand together now appeared to be lost on no one.’
    • ‘The irony of these remarks can scarcely have been lost on the assembled senators.’
    • ‘Their hosts were obviously trying to show off for them, not realizing that their gestures were lost on all but Meredith.’
    • ‘Judging by the voluminous reaction of a humbled audience, that message was lost on no one in attendance.’
    • ‘It's also a demand that is lost on even the most experienced programmers too often these days.’
    • ‘As such, a great deal of what the film was about was lost on me; I couldn't fully appreciate what was being done.’
    • ‘Meanings, tones, implications were lost on me.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, such nuances were lost on me and my high school classmates.’