Meaning of be made of money in English:

be made of money


  • often with negative Be very rich.

    • ‘we're not going to pay for it—we're not made of money’
    • ‘At a school where almost everyone was made of money, buying lots of chocolate was something that was high on our list of things to buy that wasn't going to put us out of pocket.’
    • ‘However, not everyone is made of money, and for them value will become a much bigger issue.’
    • ‘He thought city people were made of money, and for a time obliged them to pay a dollar for a loaf of bread.’
    • ‘You may be made of money but I'll bet your patients are not.’
    • ‘Unless the user is made of money I doubt anyone will have had this done as the handset is less than 6 months old.’
    • ‘Not being made of money, we made the decision that we would rather spend less and live more.’
    • ‘Not everyone is made of money and people know this.’
    • ‘Lucy just proves you don't need to be made of money to have great style.’
    • ‘I wouldn't have minded living here if I had a helicopter to avoid the traffic and if I was made of money.’
    • ‘Not being made of money, this was always a very sore time of the year for us.’