Meaning of be man enough to do in English:

be man enough to do


(also be man enough for)
  • Be brave enough to do.

    ‘he has not been man enough to face up to his responsibilities’
    • ‘who's man enough for the job?’
    • ‘But at least he was man enough to realise he was wrong and act accordingly.’
    • ‘It could have been all three points for the Lions, had referee Clive Penton not made a bizarre mistake that he was man enough to admit to later.’
    • ‘You know he was man enough to apologize and to admit his mistake.’
    • ‘At 20 years of age he was man enough to accept this enormous responsibility and pressure.’
    • ‘Brentford manager Wally Downes said: ‘Smith is the best in this division, but I am sure he is man enough to hold his hands up and admit he made mistakes today’.’
    • ‘You have to be man enough to get back in the game and we didn't do that.’
    • ‘Sheffield's coach Mark Aston was man enough to say afterwards that the best team won.’
    • ‘I only wanted to show her that there were no hard feelings, that I was man enough to call the past the past and make a fresh start as she had done.’
    • ‘It sounds simple, but that is also what life's all about - being man enough to admit you made a mistake, accepting the consequences and working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again.’
    • ‘In golf, for example, I can't hit the ball as far as I once did, but you've got to be man enough to accept it.’