Meaning of be mentioned in dispatches in English:

be mentioned in dispatches


  • Be commended for one's actions by name in an official military report.

    ‘the squadron can be proud of the fact that two of the aircrew were mentioned in dispatches’
    • ‘During this war, Gort was mentioned in dispatches nine times, won the Military Cross, the Distinguished Service Order with two bars and in September 1918, was awarded the Victoria Cross for outstanding bravery.’
    • ‘Ronald Clack was injured by shrapnel at Arnhem and was mentioned in despatches and was demobbed at the end of the war with a Bombardier's stripes on his battledress sleeves.’
    • ‘He was a soldier from 1845 to 1882, and fought in the Crimean War - where he was mentioned in dispatches for bravery.’
    • ‘He rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and saw combat in the second world war, for which he was mentioned in dispatches.’
    • ‘Healey was twice mentioned in despatches for his bravery in the war.’
    • ‘Mr Howard was mentioned in dispatches for saving the lives of a high-ranking officer following an enemy ambush in 1953.’
    • ‘He was mentioned in despatches for his part in the Normandy landings.’
    • ‘He was mentioned in despatches for bravery and was twice wounded.’
    • ‘With Brian Laudrup and Larsson mentioned in dispatches as players he could emulate he has quite enough to live up to.’
    • ‘In February 1854 he went to the Crimea where his efforts resulted in decorations and mention in dispatches.’