Meaning of be mixed up with in English:

be mixed up with


  • Be associated with (someone unsuitable or unreliable)

    ‘he was mixed up with some rival gangsters’
    • ‘Written in 1886, it suggests that there is a pan-European anarchist underground, which the protagonist gets mixed up with.’
    • ‘He's one of those charming, funny Peter Pan types that everybody likes but nobody should get mixed up with romantically.’
    • ‘Robert has finally moved on from that horrible teacher woman he was mixed up with.’
    • ‘‘What you mean to say,’ she said angrily. ‘Is that you don't think I should get mixed up with all the fighting and should go and hide like a good little girl, is that it?’’
    • ‘I was never interested in that, it's not something I ever desired for myself or ever wanted to get mixed up with.’
    • ‘I knew then that these were not the people I wanted to get mixed up with.’
    • ‘At the time I was mixed up with the wrong crew, and we were asked to be extras in this production.’
    • ‘There was also the particular problem that, as well as many decent and well-intentioned people, we got mixed up with some thoroughly dodgy ones.’
    • ‘So I thought about turning down the invitation, since I didn't want to get mixed up with this group with whose purpose I completely disagree.’
    • ‘Are you hoping that she won't get mixed up with politics again?’