Meaning of be of in English:

be of


  • Possess intrinsically; give rise to.

    ‘this work is of great interest and value’
    • ‘The story was of particular interest to me as a New Zealander living in Australia.’
    • ‘Listen and make the other person feel that what he or she is saying is of interest to you.’
    • ‘The school has a number of buildings listed as being of historic interest.’
    • ‘Warrington council has recognised the building as being of historical interest.’
    • ‘Why people read what they read and watch what they watch has recently been of interest to me.’
    • ‘The software will be of interest to schools and museums, as well as town planners.’
    • ‘The rise in the rate of suicide amongst young people is of constant concern to our agency.’
    • ‘They were getting historic items that they felt were of too great an importance to sell on and should be on public display.’
    • ‘Sgt Brown added the cars involved were of little value with only one new vehicle being seized over the past six months.’
    • ‘Many of the calls were of a difficult nature from distressed families with moving reports of missing people.’