Meaning of be off the charts in English:

be off the charts


  • Have reached an extreme or unexpected level.

    ‘their stats would be off the charts’
    • ‘There was no question that the data were off the charts.’
    • ‘The economy was off the charts when he was governor.’
    • ‘Night in and night out his energy is off the charts.’
    • ‘The cuteness factor is off the charts, but it feels sort of self-designed, unoriginal, and lame.’
    • ‘Data growth is off the charts.’
    • ‘In the last few years the affordability scale has been off the charts.’
    • ‘Her alcohol level must have been off the charts!’
    • ‘My hormones are off the charts tonight.’
    • ‘We do spend highly on education—but it's off the charts on health care.’
    • ‘Some inner-city neighborhoods, where joblessness is off the charts, are becoming islands of despair.’
    • ‘Her liver is hardly functioning and her iron levels are off the charts.’
    • ‘Even by the generally lax standards of plausibility employed in slasher films, this one's off the charts.’
    • ‘Oysters are off the charts in zinc.’
    • ‘I am lighter, quicker on my feet, and my performance is off the charts.’
    • ‘When the company had a financial performance that was off the charts, everything was great.’