Meaning of be on firm ground in English:

be on firm ground


  • Be sure of one's facts or secure in one's position.

    ‘Dealing with the grandson of his benefactor, my father was on firm ground in being able to reciprocate the kindness which had signalled acceptance and belonging.’
    • ‘As this is the simple truth - that to live is to feel oneself lost - he who accepts it has already begun to find himself, to be on firm ground.’
    • ‘As our local MP is both a medical practitioner and the Federal Minister for Education, we felt we were on firm ground.’
    • ‘I don't think he ever forgave me for not being more of a Charles Olson fan (Olson was his all-time favorite), but otherwise we were on firm ground.’
    • ‘Since the second she'd woken up, it had never seemed to her as if she was on firm ground; she hadn't really believed she would be staying anywhere for long.’
    • ‘Here, at least, he was on firm ground, for he had pondered this matter for months.’
    • ‘After that shaky start, Sharp is on firm ground, with a solid discussion of 8 tactical ploys, ranging from the common self-standoff to the impossibly rare Pandin's paradox.’
    • ‘With some of the best known players in the World patronising the league and an assembly of top Industrial names as sponsors, J-league is on firm ground.’
    • ‘Your Honour may be on firm ground, but wise or not Parliament is entitled to try - and it may not succeed, but guaranteed success is not a criterion of constitutional validity.’
    • ‘If this were true, that is, if these were the only or even the most important reasons that people fear death, Epicurus might be on firm ground.’