Meaning of be on one's way in English:

be on one's way


  • 1Have started one's journey.

    ‘she telephoned her office to say she was on her way’
    • ‘We climbed into my old, beat-up car and were on our way.’
    • ‘Then the carriage started moving and we were on our way.’
    • ‘A month later, Elle and I were on our way to Germany along with other freshmen and juniors and seniors.’
    • ‘They could be on their way to beating the big-league record of 29.’
    • ‘Come on let me get my stuff then we will be on our way back to the house.’
    • ‘As soon as the first cub was born, it was clear to the animal keepers and the vet that more were on their way.’
    • ‘We started walking towards town together and he explained he was on his way to a job interview as a nurse's aide.’
    • ‘The officer had been on his way to an armed robbery with lights and sirens blazing, and admitted travelling between 50 and 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.’
    • ‘We packed swiftly and were on our way within half an hour, totally oblivious to the incredible journey that still lay ahead.’
    • ‘They were on their way to watch the 15-year-old take part in rugby training.’
    1. 1.1on your way or be on your wayinformal in imperative Go away.
      • ‘on your way, and stop wasting my time!’
      • ‘They were very aggressive me and told me to be on my way.’
      • ‘We decided to sleep in the car, but a ranger came around with a flashlight and told us to be on our way.’
      go away, depart, leave, take oneself off, take off, get out, get out of my sight