Meaning of be on the offensive in English:

be on the offensive


  • Act or be ready to act aggressively.

    ‘they were on the offensive from the start’
    • ‘Well, the potential for a different kind of scam has proponents of electronic voting on the offensive.’
    • ‘The idea that fundamentalism is on the offensive and threatening to dominate public life is widely held on both sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘I think the president has also been on the offensive, which I think has certainly helped him.’
    • ‘With a gun, it is always better to be on the offensive than the defensive.’
    • ‘He was a different fighter and from the start he was on the offensive, taking the first point with a straight left through Kindelan's guard.’
    • ‘He came across as a credible candidate, and he was usually on the offensive.’
    • ‘The home side, who were on the offensive from the start, were rewarded with a goal after 13 minutes.’
    • ‘The chiefs who opposed the fiscal institutions legislation were on the offensive from the beginning.’
    • ‘The developers are on the offensive, claiming they need to build on more greenfield sites.’
    • ‘However, Lisa comes right back on the offensive and warns her not to say a thing.’