Meaning of be on the take in English:

be on the take


  • Take bribes.

    • ‘he may be county sheriff, but he's on the take’
    • ‘Spain's government is under mounting pressure from opposition politicians in Parliament who want to know whether Spanish officials also were on the take.’
    • ‘They made no secret of the fact that they were on the take.’
    • ‘For years now we have listened to and read about one inquiry after another, about this politician and that politician who was on the take.’
    • ‘Bulgarians are trenchant in their view that their country can no longer be perceived as a lawless, volatile state where every citizen is on the take.’
    • ‘Of course there are people who say that Miller is on the take from someone for his vociferous defense of the this potential ecological nightmare.’
    • ‘It demands that where an official has knowledge that a colleague is on the take, this too is conveyed to those in a position to do something about it.’
    • ‘From the constable to the cabinet minister, everyone, or at least almost everyone is on the take.’
    • ‘Once people learned so many politicians had been on the take - often in cahoots with business leaders - it was only natural that there would be a public outcry for a ‘war on corruption.’’