Meaning of be on to something in English:

be on to something


  • Have an idea or information that is likely to lead to an important discovery.

    • ‘In many ways I think Kevin is onto something very important here.’
    • ‘In fact, professional skydivers have been onto the idea since the early 1990s and probably before.’
    • ‘Indeed, Edwards seems to be onto this idea already.’
    • ‘And I think Haus is onto something with the idea of ‘passing’ - because that's something I think this guy could do really well.’
    • ‘My mind was already on the topic of discoveries, and I was pretty sure I was onto something important.’
    • ‘Mount Vernon's archaeologists knew that they were onto something important.’
    • ‘As he looked over the information he started to wonder if Steve could have been onto something.’
    • ‘Maybe those girls were onto something - outsourcing!’
    • ‘Perhaps my mother was onto something when she spent nine months thinking that I was going to be a boy named Michael.’
    • ‘Think about that Mike. Anne Dillard is onto something there.’