Meaning of be one's own man in English:

be one's own man


(also be one's own person)
  • 1Act independently and with confidence.

    ‘I must show them that I am my own man, not merely my father's shadow’
    • ‘behind everything she did was a raw power that emphasized she was her own woman’
    • ‘Gregory accepts the volatile nature of the industry but intends to be his own man and is confident of making a success of the job.’
    • ‘Now Russell, 48, is his own man and is beginning to exude a confidence and gentle humour that wasn't always to the fore when he was finance director.’
    • ‘For the first time in a long while he found himself able to walk to the docks with his head held high, confident in the knowledge that he was his own man once more.’
    • ‘And he was his own man, unaffected by spin-doctors.’
    • ‘In his early 60s, Luke was his own man and paid scant attention or heed to the conventions of modern day life.’
    • ‘No longer constrained by the pressure of his work as a practising architect, he was his own man.’
    • ‘From the very beginning she made it clear that she was her own woman - election badges during her husband's 1992 campaign read ‘two for the price of one’.’
    • ‘He looks tired but there is a sort of weary exhilaration about him: he may be floury and exhausted but he is his own man, producing food he believes in.’
    • ‘I am in love with her because she is her own woman, lives alone, loves it and wouldn't have it any other way.’
    • ‘They taught me self-respect and they showed me how to be my own woman - never to lie, never to lose my sense of humour and always to treasure my friends.’
  • 2 archaic Be in full possession of one's faculties.