Meaning of be set in concrete in English:

be set in concrete


  • (of a policy or idea) be fixed and unalterable.

    ‘I do not regard the constitution as set in concrete’
    • ‘The Dallas policy, with a few modifications by Rome, is set in concrete.’
    • ‘It made me wonder whether it was set in concrete before I actually made the trek.’
    • ‘Serville says he is considering opening a new academy in Wellington, but nothing is set in concrete.’
    • ‘Conventional media wisdom had been set in concrete.’
    • ‘Here, voting patterns have been set in concrete along racial lines since the British began dismantling their empire in the 1950's.’
    • ‘But critics remain skeptical, saying that a decision may already be set in concrete.’
    • ‘Sunday is set in concrete for your recording time.’
    • ‘My childlike thinking made it difficult to understand consequences without them being set in concrete.’
    • ‘The date has already been set in concrete, given the logistics of the event and the need for it to run smoothly.’
    • ‘Even annual maintenance fees, which used to be set in concrete, are sometimes negotiable.’